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Consorzio Vino Bianco della Valdinievole
51017 Pescia (PT)
Via Galeotti, 1
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History and Landscape
Bianco della Valdinievole is without doubt one of the smallest DOC productions in Tuscany, even if it includes much of Pistoia and Lucca territories. The viticulture has ancient roots in the area of Lucca. In 1427, a merchant from Prato ? Francesco di Marco Datini ? wrote: "Pescia is a great wine market, specialised in white Trebbiano which represent the outstanding character of Valdinievole". A real title of nobility which has transcended on to modern times. Recently (the DOC was granted in 1976) the producers have further improved this traditional wine through the blending of new varieties with the Trebbiano toscano. The producers in Pistoia have also created a Vin Santo which has 3 years barrel ageing before being released for sale.
Area of Production
The DOC zone includes the communities of Buggiano, Montecatini Terme and Uzzano, and portions of Larciano, Marliana, Massa and Cozzile, Monsummano Terme, Pescia and Pieve a Nievole.
The Grapes
70-100% Trebbiano toscano. The Malvasia del Chianti, Canaiolo bianco and Vermentino vines planted in these vineyards are also permitted, used either singularly or blended, up to a maximum of 25%, and other complementary grapes up to 5%. The max. yield per hectare cannot be over 130 quintals (28,660 lbs.).
Organoleptic Characteristics
The colour is a light golden yellow, tending towards straw; the bouquet is lightly vinous and pleasant; the flavour is dry, vivacious, balanced, at times spritzy. The minimum alcohol is 11. The Vin Santo is produced in three styles: dry, off?dry and sweet. The colour varies from straw to amber; the bouquet is intense and ethereal; the flavour is typically smooth and balanced with a distinctive slightly bitter finish. Minimum alcohol: 17.
Food Matches
A wine for hors d'oeuvres, light soups, vegetables and grilled fish and shellfish. The Vin Santo goes well with pastries and various sweets.
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